Here are some other ways to help It’s Just Benign (IJB) with fund raisers of your own:

1. Have your religious group take a collection. A church held a special collection one Sunday then donated the proceeds to IJB.

2. Participate in a walk. Instead of fundraising only for the walk, collect funds for IJB too. Or, organize a walk of your own with proceeds being donated to IJB.

3. Have a fundraiser at a restaurant. Many dining establishments will donate a percentage to a charity on a particular day, as long as you help bring in customers. Usually you’ll need to tell the cashier that you’re here for the fundraiser for the percentage to go to the charity of your choice.

4. Have a party! Hold a jewelry party, Tupperware party, a lingerie party, or a party of your choice. Find your local representative and see if they donate a percentage to a charity. If they do, invite your friends and buy some munchies. You’ll have a great night and you’ll help IJB. It’s a win-win!

5. Help us find sponsors. Think about the businesses you frequent. They might support your cause, especially because it’s tax-deductible!  In return for sponsoring, they will get acknowledgement on our website and possible advertising depending on the sponsorship.  Here are the sponsoring levels:

  • Website acknowledgement on our sponsor list – <$5/month or $500/year
  • Business card sidebar advertisement – $10/month or $1000/year
  • Business car sidebar advertisement with link to your website – $20/month or $2000/year